How to Get Optimum Result from Your Indoor Cycling

Yes, cycling in the cardio machine is not the same as the outdoor cycling that offers fresh air. No need to fret. You can still benefit from outdoor cycling activities outdoors by doing high-intensity interval training in stationary cycles that you can enjoy anytime after having best zwift smart trainer . If you don’t have that kind of trainer yet, you can go shopping around now. The following routines that you can do when the weather is unfriendly and will help build up the leg as well as the lungs as you are for your outdoor cycling session.

Before entering any of the interval sessions, you need to warm up or you will feel tired earlier. “It takes a bit of time to prepare the aerobic system and heat up the muscles before doing interval training at the bike level, especially at high intensity,” says James Herrera, founder of Performance Driven and licensed coach USA Cycling Level 1.

Do this: Climb to the stationary bike, and start pedal lightly. Without a deterrent to the resistance regulator, increase your stroke (cadence) – about 5-10 RPM every 30 seconds for two minutes. The last 30 seconds should be your highest cadence without shaking your butt in the saddle, keeping it light and fast. After two minutes spent, pedal lightly for 1-2 minutes.

After a short break, focus on strength: Increase resistance by about 25 percent and run your Cadence up to the one you wrote at the beginning of the exercise. After 30 seconds, increase the resistance by 25 percent again and be sure to maintain the cadence. Increase resistance two more times in one minute of time remaining. The last 30 duration may be the heaviest part. But you have to keep the cadence in the same number for two minutes. After two minutes spent, pedal lightly for 1-2 minutes.