Family Counseling Techniques in Approach Systems

Counseling is the assistance given by a counselor to a counselee or a group of counselees (client, mentored, someone who has problems) to solve the problem by way of interview with the intention that the client or group of clients understand more clearly about the problem itself and solve the problem in accordance with its ability to learn the advice received from the Counselor.

There is a technique called “Counseling Techniques in System Approach”. This technique consists of 10 kinds: Sculpting, Roleplaying, Silence, Confrontation, Teaching via Questioning, Listening, Recapitulating, Summary, Clarification, Reflection. You do not have to bother to learn it, you just need to visit and we will help you.

At this time we will explain the role-playing technique. This is a technique that assigns certain roles to family members. The role is the role of other people in the family, for example, the child plays the role of mother. That way the child will be released or free from feelings of punishment, feelings of distress and others. That role can then be restored to the real situation if he confronts a behavior of his mother that he may not like.