How to Choose a Carpet Based on a Room Interior Theme?

You should adjust the carpet motifs and colors in accordance with the theme of the space that was carried when choosing the carpet. In addition, you should also row your carpet wash at Apart from that, the following tips should be considered for space with modern and classic style!

1. Carpet Selection for Modern Stylish Room
Carpets with checkered motifs, straight lines, geometry, arches, or plain can be the best choice for interior order with a modern twist. We can choose natural colors such as white, gray, or brown if you want to adjust by color.

2. Carpet Selection for Classical Style Room
Persian rugs or other carpets with oriental and European details can be an option when choosing a carpet for an interior themed room with a classic touch. However, we can wear carpets with motifs that are not too complicated when combining them with modern concepts. However, it still reflects a classic touch, such as geometric motifs.