References and goals in learning Android Programming

You can learn a lot on the Internet, which you must start from the easy first, do not rush in learning because all need a process, For reference tutorial learn Android, actually Google already have an official website for Android developers start learning, ie in Develop Android Apps. To learn the design also in Design Android Apps. There are still many shortcomings here and there, at least maybe can help you, beginners, about the basic learning Android programming. Meanwhile, you can try to visit if you’re looking for a great training program for Android programmers.

Goals to create Android Apps.

Well to start something, surely you have a goal that you want to achieve. Just like when we started making Android Apps. Do you guys Learn Android Programming to Get the Skill on Your Work ?, because maybe many companies need Android programming skills. Do you guys Learn Programming Android to work on Thesis or Final Duty?, Which is intended for you students of the final semester. Or do you want to learn Android Programming for Business ?. There is nothing wrong you want to do business, by way of memorizing your application, but you need to know first, Create an application that has quality and which have value (useful and useful) to use your user (user). Before you monetize (cashing) your application. In essence, it’s up to you to make Android Application for what purpose. But you must remember you have to set your goals.

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